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Are you looking for a go-kart track in Lyon to have fun with your friends, organize an event for a birthday, a stag party or a get-together with colleagues? The Lyon – Bully go-karting circuit is a 400 m long leisure track where you can rent go-karts for children and adults, alone or in a group.

Bully’s karting clientele is generally made up of people looking for a karting track in Lyon. Located to the west of Lyon, it’s one of Lyon Outdoor’s 3 major karting tracks, where you can enjoy karting as a leisure activity, and get the thrills for less.

Bully circuit

Go-karting in Bully: an overview of our tour

Experience the track turn by turn, as we give you the ideal trajectories to try and set the fastest time on this fairly technical track, then it’s up to you. Of course, in a pack, trajectories can vary according to the opponents on the track.
The start of our karting circuit in the heart of Bully is in the middle of the circuit’s longest straight.


First turn

The first bend after the straight is a tight hairpin. It’s on this hairpin bend that the most collisions occur. Our advice to get through it as smoothly as possible: brake early on, go straight ahead as far as possible, break the bend and then, in a taut trajectory, return to the rope as late as possible and adopt a taut trajectory that allows you to re-accelerate.


Second turn

Immediately afterwards, turn 2 is also quite technical, as its trajectory closes in on a second hairpin. To go fast, you have to sacrifice this bend by taking it on the outside and coming in to take the rope at the last moment, then hold on to it in preparation for the hairpin turn into bend 3.


Third turn

For turn 3, adopt the same trajectory as for the first hairpin: with your kart, go for the chord as late as possible, as the exit allows you to re-accelerate before turn 4. This includes braking for turn 5, another tricky hairpin.

Set the fastest time on the track...

Turn 6 is the simplest corner on the circuit, a fast one that you can go right through without question.

At this point, you quickly reach the parabolic curve. If the natural tendency is to pass it without braking, its angle doesn’t allow you to do so effectively, so our advice is to brake, take it well outside, then take the rope and hold it until the end, trying not to skid the kart’s tires so as to accelerate out with as much speed as possible in the straight that follows.

This straight leads to a chicane (turns 7,8,9) which determines the turn before the straight. Turn 8 of the chicane is the tightest, while the first goes through at full speed, so you have to brake in this fast turn to avoid missing the chord point of the next one, in order to have a smoother trajectory that allows you to keep maximum speed at the start of the 65m straight.

Now that we’ve covered all the bases, all that’s left is for you to put your best time forward.

Best time
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4 go-kart models to test according to your age

Karting Evasion runs between 8 and 15 karts at the same time on the Bully track. Find out how to get to the Bully circuit on our Karting Rhône page.


Other activities

Inflatable games

Inflatable games

An Inflatable Park borders the circuit, offering a whole new way to have fun. The leisure area covers 14,000 m², with 400 m² reserved for Inflatable Games.

Bar / Restaurant

Bar / Restaurant

The "Le ZIK" bar lets you take a break for a drink or an ice cream.
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