Celebrate a bachelor party in Lyon!

Go-karting in Lyon, OK… but why not just before a friend’s wedding, to celebrate his bachelorhood in style? On our circuit, the groom-to-be will have a great time with you, on a track that’s been entirely privatized for your group thanks to our stag party Lyon offer.

An example of an EVG near Lyon: SIM's bachelor party.

On a sunny day in June, Loïc, David and 15 other Sim friends came up with the idea of throwing their friend a bachelor party. They started by dressing her in the right outfit. We’ll let you be the judge of its elegance. Then, having prepared their business in advance, they had T-shirts made with their buddy’s nickname printed in white on the back. So there were 18 of them that day, who decided to take on the Bully karting track. On the program: a track all to themselves, two 10-minute test sessions, followed by a 40-minute relay race. That’s 30 minutes of karting each, except for the groom-to-be, at the party, who was going to give his all and do the whole race, i.e. 50 minutes of karting.

The Bully karting track is the ideal place to organize a bachelor party in Lyon, a birthday party or an event for colleagues from the same company. With its limited length, it offers a maximum number of slow bends in which to fight it out with your buddies. With his special outfit amidst the black T-shirts, the groom-to-be didn’t go unnoticed.

While half the group battles it out on the dance floor, the spectator-brokers comment on each other’s style, while tending to the metre of beer offered by the ZIK bar. What’s more, the happy crew crowds around the screen where the times of their team and their buddies are displayed in real time.

On the track, it’s hot with friends! We’re not doing each other any favors: we’re rubbing, we’re pulling in at the last moment, we’re pushing… At the end of the 40-minute race, contact between the karts is becoming more and more frequent – it’s about time it stopped! All the protagonists have smiles on their faces, and each tells the story of how they overtook x or y.

Dimitri, Bully’s karting manager, then proceeds to the prize-giving ceremony, announcing the rankings starting with the 10th team, then the first three climb the respective steps of the podium. Dimitri presents them with their medals and takes a souvenir photo. Here’s a bachelor party in the Lyon region that’s off to a great start. Now it’s time for other festivities.

Stag party karting in Lyon: contact us!

Bully karting offers ready-made group packages: privatization of the track, organization of practice runs, relay or non-relay races, medal presentations, souvenir photo, drinks, etc. Everything is ready for fun and laughter, just 30 minutes from Lyon. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you have an unforgettable time.

A multi-activity bachelor party is also possible

If our speciality is karting, Karting Evasion has more than one trick up its sleeve to make sure you have a crazy EVG! Why not treat your brother, cousin or best friend to a multi-activity bachelor party?

We’ve got everything you need for a day (and even an evening) full of thrills and laughter. Once off the track, why not follow up with a 30-minute game of laser tag, for example?

Divided into two teams, you play on an open-air platform outside our Bully track. The goal? Fire a laser beam pistol at parts of your opponents’ bodies linked to sensors to score points. Ideal for combining strategy, sport and pure competition! Each player is equipped with a helmet and a pistol.

If you’re still up for it, you can rent our inflatable games: bungee shooting, human foosball, boxing ring, sumo tatami… Jump, push, fall: no holds barred!

A word of advice: don’t forget to get out the cameras, now’s the time to start collecting files!

Pétanque and board games are also available for more traditional complementary activities.

Last but not least, to round off this exceptional day, we invite you to take over our Le Zik bar for a wild evening! In particular, you’ll be able to launch into a memorable karaoke session thanks to our equipment. Here again: think photos, but also videos!

So, are you happy?

How about a karting bachelorette party? An original idea!

Less common and much more original, a girls’ go-kart race is also a fun and sporty way to kick off a bachelorette party. Beware of preconceived ideas, because if they are less numerous than the boys, there are high-level female kart drivers!!!!

Join us for a day rich in adrenaline and emotion
Discover why our open-air karting track is the destination of choice for thrill-seekers near Décines-Charpieu.
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