Inflatable games for hire in Lyon: human table soccer, sumo...

If – in addition to karting on our circuits – you want to keep your children occupied, if you have a stag or hen party to organize, or if you have a festive event to celebrate… then opt for the inflatable games rental Lyon with our multi-activity karting ! With these structures designed for young and old alike, fun and laughter are guaranteed.

Inflatable bungee shooting : may the most resistant win!

Let’s start with the rubber band game! Designed for adults, it pits two opponents against each other. They play at the same time. The aim: to run and place a marker as far as possible from the starting line… without being caught by the rubber band, of course.

Anyone who doesn’t put up enough resistance will be mercilessly dragged backwards and will see victory slipping away very quickly. Of course, the heats can come thick and fast, giving rise to revenge!

Human foosball: in the skin of a player attached to a bar...

Do you prefer soccer or table soccer? With our inflatable human foosball table, you can combine two passions in one. And you add a lot of fun to the game. The principle: two teams are pitted against each other and have to score goals in the opposing goal.

But be careful: as in table soccer, players never leave the bar they’re attached to! With your arms around an axis, you pass, aim and shoot… It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Inflatable monster truck : a rental game for youngsters

Designed for children aged 3 to 7, this inflatable play structure looks impressive! But all’s well: it’s perfectly safe.

Apprentice pilots can slip between its wheels in complete peace of mind and have the time of their lives, while the grown-ups go about their business.

It’s possible to climb, but also to slide under the structure, which provides shelter for the youngsters.

The inflatable ring: boxing and jousting on the menu

Make way for the champions! On this inflatable structure, competitors measure themselves against each other… but there’s no question of hurting each other. The game includes extra-large boxing gloves with which to throw your opponent to the ground.

For a “jousting” variant, combatants challenge each other by sliding into cubic structures and attempting to throw each other to the mat using poles. A game that’s… stunning! But above all, full of good humor. Note that it is also possible to hold a sumotori competition here (see below). Mischievous children will also enjoy battling and bouncing on the ring surface.

The sumo game: awaken your fighting spirit...

You’ve always dreamed of practicing the noble Japanese combat sport of sumotori… but clearly, you’re not up to it? All you have to do is slip into the costumes provided by our company!

These allow you to fight like a sumo wrestler against a similarly equipped opponent. Everything is perfectly safe. Suits cushion shocks. Just make sure you don’t step outside the sacred circle, or you’ll lose the game…

The inflatable dome : organize your events

Finally, if you’d like to have an inflatable leisure area to organize all the games mentioned above, and possibly cover the whole thing with a large tarpaulin, that’s possible thanks to our inflatable dome.

It can also be used to organize other games, such as dodgeball, a sports tournament or a soccer match with obstacles. Other equipment can be placed inside. The ceremony and vin d’honneur can also take place there.

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Our inflatables in the Beaujolais region can be delivered directly to the rental site by our professionals. They can also help you install the equipment. This is inflated by means of blowers (supplied) which ensure that the games run smoothly. Don’t forget to call on our animation services: one of our professionals will come and coach the participants.

Would you like to enjoy our inflatable games directly on our website? It can be done.
Enjoy it after a karting session as part of an EVG or EVJF! The fee is €10 per person for sumo rental. For our other inflatables, the price is €120 for 10 people, plus €10 for each additional person. All our inflatables must be reserved for use on site.

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