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Looking for a go-kart rental to take your mind off things? OK, so what could be better than indulging yourself without hurting yourself! Karting Evasion in Lyon will give you all the tips you need for rental karting equipment.

Let’s start at the bottom: for shoes, sneakers are ideal. We advise you to close them tightly so that the laces don’t get caught in the pedals. However, any type of closed-toe shoe will do.

It is forbidden to practice karting in flip-flops or with shoes in which the foot is not supported.

For your legs: we recommend that you wear pants, jeans or tracksuits. As you can see, the legs need to be fully covered. It is therefore not advisable to wear shorts or trousers.

For the top: minimum T-shirt requirement. We still recommend wearing an extra jacket or sweater, even in summer. In winter, remember to dress well: fleece, thermal clothing, jacket to reduce the sensation of cold. If you have gloves, we recommend you take them too.

An alternative to traditional leisure activities in the Rhône-Alpes region

In addition to karting in the Lyon region, we also offer other activities to complete your day of adventure. How about finishing off with a game of laser tag or inflatable games for young and old, or even a scooter ride through the surrounding woods?

Our multi-activity offer is designed to suit all tastes and ages, making our space a privileged place for leisure activities near Lyon.

At Karting Évasion, we believe in the richness of shared moments and the joy of unique outdoor experiences.

Safety rules

for your safety when choosing your rental kart equipment.

These 3 rules are essential.

Our kart rental equipment and the circuit

Our Sodikart GT5 karts on the Lyon karting circuit are perfectly suited to rental. They are homologated and among the safest karts on the market. In fact, the wheels are enclosed to prevent accidents. They have engine and rear wheel guards to prevent burns and other hazards. They are also reinforced at the points of contact for maximum shock absorption. Renting kart equipment requires maximum safety, and we are particularly vigilant on this point.

Our helmets are also approved for karting, to ensure maximum safety.

Last but not least, the tour is specifically adapted for rental. Most of the runway exteriors are clear. Only areas where there are frequent run-offs and risks are protected with tires fixed together to reduce the risks and cushion the run-off.

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