Human foosball in Lyon: add another dimension to your parties

Would you like to enjoy a human foosball tournament in Lyon with your friends or colleagues?

Better than a traditional game of ping pong or table soccer, our life-size inflatable game lets you take the place of the little footballers for a fun-filled moment.

For birthdays, weddings, company seminars or any private event, our multi-activity karting center offers you the opportunity to rent this human-sized outdoor game, or to reserve it on site at our center in Bully, near Lyon.

How does a human-sized foosball table work?

Our giant table soccer covers an area of 72m². It’s an inflatable game that reproduces the look of a traditional bar game… but on a human scale. Participants form two teams and each takes a place along horizontal bars that can slide sideways. The hands of all players are attached to these bars.

The aim remains the same: to score goals in the opposition’s goal.

Ideally, two teams of 6 players should be set up, but it’s perfectly possible to enjoy table soccer on a human scale with 8 or more players (4×2).

For a team of 6 players, there will be 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders and 2 forwards. We can also send a referee on site to officiate the game if you wish.

As you won’t be able to protect your face with your hands, we recommend using a foam ball.

Finally, as this is an inflatable game, you can add a little water to the tarpaulin on the ground to spice up the game with a series of epic slides.

This game is suitable for both adults and children.

At home, at work or at our karting facility: Choose the most suitable solution

There are two ways to enjoy our inflatable table soccer: visit our center in Bully, 30 minutes from Lyon, or (even better) rent it by the day for outdoor use.

Just imagine: you’ve organized a big party in your garden with your family and/or friends, and you can enjoy the joys of this life-size game without having to leave the house! The same goes for a company party, where your employees will quickly rediscover their childlike spirit.

n this case, Karting Evasion delivers and installs the game on site and returns to collect it at the end of the rental period.

Rates? 300€ for 1 day and 500€ for 2. For delivery, we charge €90 within a 30km radius of our point of departure in Bully, and an additional €10 every 5km beyond that.

We can deliver to Lyon and the surrounding area: L’Arbresle, Lozanne, Dardilly, Limonest, Ecully, la Tour de Salvagny, Craponne, Villeurbanne…

If you’d prefer to come to our karting center to enjoy the game, we can also organize seminars and private events, with partial privatization of the premises if required. You can then combine table soccer with other inflatable games (bungee jumping, sumo wrestling, boxing ring…), as well as with a session of quad biking or go-karting.

In all cases, you should book several weeks in advance to be on the safe side.

Would you like to rent our human foosball table? Do you have a special request?
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