Bachelorette party in Lyon: karting, karaoke and more!

Go-karting in Lyon is a convivial activity, ideal for having fun with friends and laughing out loud – and yet! We rarely think of organizing a bachelorette party in Lyon (EVJF) at a karting center. Karting Evasion, with its Bully track, its many outdoor activities and its restaurant, allows you to organize a memorable day in honor of the bride-to-be, with a tailor-made program.

Go-kart, games, party : vary your activities for a memorable EVJF

Just imagine: you arrive with your girlfriends in the afternoon and start with 2x10mn of karting, just to get the hang of it. Thanks to its slow turns, the track offers fun and thrills even for those unfamiliar with karting.

Once you’ve warmed up, you can continue with a relay race, at the end of which prizes will be awarded and the standings revealed. More fun than a game of Mario Kart, isn’t it? This EVJF is off to a great start!

Now that the festivities are underway and everyone is in the mood, you can head to the inflatable games for a deliciously regressive moment:
bungee shooting (try to go as far as you can while attached to a rubber band that pulls you back), human table soccer, inflatable ring…

Do you have an appetite for karting and a competitive spirit? Opt for a 30-minute laser game: the session takes place on a platform at the back of the track, and each participant is equipped with a helmet and a laser pistol, enabling them to shoot virtual body parts and score points. Fun and less brutal than paint ball!

Are you planning a party afterwards? Book karaoke in our restaurant and compete with The Voice contestants with a drink in hand! If you’d like to perform a special song for your friend to her favorite tune before her wedding, start the music and off you go! Take photos, film yourself and immortalize this moment of shared complicity.

Celebrate a friend's hen party 30 minutes from Lyon

With Karting Evasion, ideally located just a 30-minute drive from Lyon, you can combine a wide range of activities without having to travel from one place to another, and spend even more time together! Each activity is offered à la carte and can be booked in advance.

Contact us to organize a bachelor party and we’ll help you put together a customized program to make this day unforgettable!

Are you planning a hen party?
Join us for a day full of adrenalin and excitement!
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