Circuit karting de Bully : welcome to Karting Evasion!

A Lyon karting circuit with 9 bends and 2 straights – it’s possible! Half an hour from the city of Gaul, come and discover the pleasure of driving! Karting Evasion welcomes you to its Bully karting circuit for a 100% speed and technical experience. We welcome beginners and experienced riders alike.

Our go-kart track in Bully

Our circuit is not located in Lyon itself, but in Bully (half an hour by car), a little past l’Arbresle. This allows us to welcome you in a very large space, on a 400-meter track that can accommodate up to 15 pilots at the same time!

If you’re coming from Lyon or the surrounding area, we advise you to take the A6, then branch off onto the A89 before taking the N7. Our go-kart track in the heart of Bully, Chemin de la Plagne, is close to the exit.

Karting in Lyon for beginners... or experts

Don’t panic: if you’re just starting out, the track is perfectly suited to your level. It’s very wide, so you can familiarize yourself with your kart in complete safety. Our professionals will give you all the instructions and advice you need before you set off, and make sure everything runs smoothly once the race is underway. Please note that our services also include test drives, so that you can get to grips with your kart.

However, our track is also ideal for experienced kart drivers! It includes several technical sections (hairpins, parabolic curves, etc.) on which you can train to improve your time and performance.

Our karts: SODIKART GT5 models, combining performance and safety

Our karts, from SODIKART (the world’s leading brand), have been designed to provide you with an experience and thrills that are renewed with every race. Our GT5 models (HONDA model, 270 cubic centimeters) will enable you to reach 70 km/h on the track at the height of the race.

We also have models for younger riders, with lower displacement and higher top speeds. Note: the adjustable seat and pedals adapt perfectly to all sizes, even the largest. They are surrounded by a protective shield that protects the rider in the event of impact.

Our packages: individual or group

If you choose to come alone, we’ll arrange for you to compete with other participants. If you’re coming with a group of friends, for a company seminar, or for a bachelor party, we can make the runway private! Find out more about our offers and prices.

Eat on the spot!

After the test sessions and the race, what could be better than a meal in the sunshine, on the terrace of our restaurant? Enjoy a slice of pizza, a drink or an ice cream, while watching other drivers battle it out on the track for first place… before another round for you?

Looking for a thrill?
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