Tandem karts: A memorable lap of the track
duo near Lyon

Would you like to discover the joys of karting in the company of an experienced driver? Share a moment of complicity with your partner, friend or child?

Karting Evasion offers two-seater kart rental on its karting circuit near Lyon, in Bully. A safe vehicle, equipped with a driver’s seat and a passenger’s seat, accessible to everyone aged 4 and over.

Why go tandem karting?

Karting is a fun and friendly activity par excellence, combining fun, friendly competition and the pleasure of speed, with the advantage of being accessible to children and adults alike.

However, there are a number of situations in which it is not always possible to climb aboard one of our individual racing cars on your own:

And, of course, you may simply want to spend some quality time with your partner or a friend!

For all these reasons, open-air two-seater karting at Karting Evasion is both a fun and advantageous solution:

A safe, high-performance SODIKART kart

For our two-seater kart, we chose a SODIKART model (a world reference in leisure karting) with a 270cm3 engine and all the necessary safety equipment – including bucket seats to accommodate young passengers.

We systematically check each vehicle between sessions and hand over helmets, neck braces and overalls on arrival at the track.

In practical terms, our karts have a driver’s side with steering wheel, gear pedals and brakes, and a passenger’s side with a fixed steering wheel and brakes.

In this way, a child who is tall enough to reach the pedals can help his or her mom or dad to brake on bends and proudly recount his or her exploits! More generally, this enables a collaborative approach to driving, and reassures even the most apprehensive drivers.

Our prices

Ready to go karting as a duo? Here are Karting Evasion’s rates for a 10-minute session:

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Karting Evasion welcomes you less than 30 minutes from Lyon and Villefranche-sur-Saône on a 400m-long open-air track.
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