Tandem karting Lyon: a different way to go karting at any age

Ah, asphalt, racing, the thrill of speed! Karting is the ideal way to experience thrills and spills in complete safety, in a sporty, playful setting that’s a lot more fun than a game of Mario Kart.

Nevertheless, taking the plunge for the very first time can be intimidating, and in this case, being accompanied by an experienced pilot can make all the difference to enjoying the experience. Similarly, families would sometimes like to take their children under 10 with them, and people with disabilities to drive in an adapted vehicle.

To meet all these needs, Karting Evasion offers two-seater karting in Lyon, available at its Lyon karting circuit in Bully.

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Two seater karting : a solution for children as young as 5

Like all our vehicles, our double kart is a SODIKART model, the world’s leading reference in this field. It has the same engine as an adult kart (270cm3).

The difference? It features two seats (one driver, one passenger) to accommodate two people;

This solution offers a number of advantages, not least that parents can introduce their children to go-karting from the age of 4.

While our children’s model is only available from age 7, with the two-seater kart you can drive the kart while your child enjoys the experience. Better than a ride on a merry-go-round or a car journey, don’t you think?

Of course, this solution is also available if your child or teenager is afraid to climb aboard a go-kart alone. In this way, you’ll share some great laughs, and he’ll keep a nice souvenir of this moment before, why not, daring to take to the track on his own to try and overtake you!

Go-karting for two for a christening on wheels

Climbing aboard a two-seater kart is also an ideal option for a baptism, whatever your age.

Even as an adult (and even more so if you don’t have a driver’s license), a first lap of the track is always a bit special: you have to get to grips with the vehicle, adapt to the bends…

So if you’d like to experience the thrills of karting with an experienced driver, a 10-minute session in a double kart could be the perfect solution. In this case, a Karting Evasion instructor will accompany you.

It’s also a particularly fun idea for a session with friends or a couple, allowing you to drive in harmony. While the “driver” does most of the driving (steering wheel, pedals, gas pedal and brakes), the “co-driver” can help with braking in bends.

Working in pairs can be a good way to familiarize yourself with karting, before taking up racing on your own.

In this case, we advise you to book two 10-minute sessions so you can swap roles, or one session in pairs, and one in a standard kart, so you can try your hand at driving on your own after this little foretaste.

A vehicle adapted for the disabled

Tandem karting is essential for karting in the Lyon region when you have a disability.

With our double model, you can sit on the driver’s side if you’re able to operate the pedals, or on the passenger’s side, while a relative or Karting Evasion employee does the driving.

If you’re in charge of driving, your co-driver can assist you by braking on bends. On the passenger side, you can turn the driver’s steering wheel, which is easily accessible.

Our double kart prices

Want to go karting for two near Lyon? Our Bully circuit is less than 30 minutes by car from the capital of the Gauls, and is close to the main towns of the metropolis: Vénissieux, Villeurbanne…

Here are our rates for a 10-minute session:

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