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The health situation in France calls for a certain number of rules for leisure, sports and cultural establishments. Karting Évasion, karting specialist in the Rhône (Bully) and Saône-et-Loire (Le Creusot) regions, is concerned by this development and would like to inform you of its obligations as a professional.

Do I need a health pass to access our karting tracks? Find the answer here.

Health regulations for karting circuits in Lyon

Set up as part of the national reopening plan, the health pass helps keep certain establishments in business. The aim of the corresponding law is to reduce the number of Covid-19 contaminations in France.

Do I need a health pass to go karting? Yes, the health pass is compulsory for access to the karting rental services at our circuits in both Bully and Le Creusot, both for the people going karting and for those accompanying them.

In this period of Covid, Karting Evasion continues to apply strict rules of hygiene and multiplies precautions: helmets, accessories and karts are systematically cleaned before the arrival of new users and between laps.

What health documents are required for karting?

Health regulations for karting and leisure centers were clarified on August 09, 2021. To obtain a valid health pass, people of legal age (or over 12 as of September 30) must be able to either :

This health pass certificate is valid in paper or digital form.

To check the validity of your pass on the day of your visit, scan the QR code at the karting entrance.

How do I get to Bully karting in the Lyon region?

To enjoy the benefits of karting, you need to comply with health and safety regulations. If you have the required documents, Karting Évasion can guide you to the various circuits in Bully and Le Creusot.

Bully karting is located in the Beaujolais region, 35 minutes from Lyon by car. As soon as you arrive, you’ll discover a large 400 m-long open-air track with 9 bends for the whole family.

The track at Le Creusot in the Saône-et-Loire region lies right next to the Parc des Combes, between Autun and Chalon-sur-Saône. Several types of karts are on offer, including 7 or 9 HP SODIKART GT4s, with top speeds of 70 and 85 km/h.

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