Karting évasion 2018 calendar

As announced at the beginning of February, Karting Evasion has a rather busy calendar in store for you this 2018.

  • Driving Course

We also organized several driving courses during the 2018 school vacations. We offer these courses for children and adults. They take place in the morning from 9am to 12pm.

2 course formulas are available.

The first formula takes place in the morning. We’ll cover the main basics of piloting, ideal trajectories and regressive braking. These courses are designed for those wishing to perfect their basic flying skills.

– April 17

– July 18

– August 22nd

– October 31

The second formula takes place over a week. We offer 5 mornings of training. Every day, new techniques will be covered and old ones recapped. These courses are designed for people who really want to perfect their driving skills.

– July 9 to 13

– August 27 to 31

– October 22 to 26

For these courses, we also offer the possibility, at an additional cost, of feeding your children at lunchtime and giving them access to the Inflatable Games Park in the afternoon.

  • Endurances

Endurances are planned for this year. There will be 2 different formats: 2h and 4h.

The 2H endurance race is run by teams of 3 to 6 drivers. It includes 1 hour of timed practice and 2 hours of racing.

– November 3

The 4H endurance race is also run by teams of 3 to 6 drivers. It includes 1 hour of timed practice and 4 hours of racing. Option to eat on site for an additional €15.

– June 2

– September 8

  • Grand Prix

Karting Evasion organizes Grand Prix events throughout the year. Compete with friends, family (adults only) or strangers.

These Grands Prix also come in 2 forms.

Giant Grand Prix: 10 minutes practice, 10 minutes timed, 2×25 laps race.

That’s about 50 minutes. Prize-giving ceremony at the end.

– May 5

– October 6

Grand Prix Nocturne: 10 minutes practice, 10 minutes timed, 10 minutes race. These Grands Prix will be run at night.

Prize-giving ceremony at the end.

– July 7

  • Nocturne

An evening party is scheduled for Saturday August 11. Come along with family, friends or work colleagues to compete on our night-time circuit. It will be illuminated by our spotlights. All formulas will be available.

This night-time event lets you rediscover the sensations of outdoor karting, under the spotlight, and enjoy yourself just as you did on your first day.

For reservations please contact

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