Karting: From what age?

In the mood for a family outing full of excitement and laughter? Do you have young children and are wondering which activity to choose? Discover the joys of driving on our tracks just a stone’s throw from Lyon.

How old do you have to be to go karting? “you ask. Good news: with us, budding pilots are accepted from the age of 4!

Go-karts for all ages

At Karting Évasion, we’re committed to enabling everyone to enjoy the joys of speed. So you can come and go karting with your family without leaving the little ones with the babysitter: you have to admit, it’s a lot more fun!

Karting Évasion offers 3 categories of karts for friendly sessions suitable for everyone. The
children’s karts
smaller and less powerful than adult models, feature adjustable steering wheel and pedals, and a bucket seat for maximum comfort. They can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, which is already appreciable when you’re at ground level!

Tandem karts are designed for the youngest riders, from the age of 4, as well as for the disabled. Piloted by an adult or a teenager over the age of 14, these machines let everyone enjoy the exhilaration of racing. The passenger seat is even fitted with a fixed steering wheel, so that even the youngest can pretend to drive the car themselves.

Finally, karts for adults are rated at 270 cm³ and can reach a top speed of 70 km/h. They are available to 14-year-olds and over.

Safety is our priority

Like any mechanical sport, karting can involve risks and must be practised in a safe environment. Naturally, Karting Évasion offers you every guarantee in terms of safety and supervision:

  • our Sodikart machines undergo regular, thorough inspections
  • before each session, our team reminds amateur drivers – especially the younger ones – of the safety rules and the basics of kart driving
  • all participants are equipped with anti-bacterial helmets, disposable hairnets and neckerchiefs in their own sizes
  • karts are equipped with safety belts
  • the track is designed for safe thrills and spills

Go-karting, a family activity!

Whether you’re a driving enthusiast yourself or a complete novice, be sure to share the joys of the track with your children, whatever their age! Unlike many sports and leisure activities, go-karting lends itself perfectly to family sessions.

In the heart of nature, discover a sport that combines thrills, concentration and the joy of competition. On request, we organize birthday parties, bachelor parties or corporate events.

Come and hire an adapted kart for 10-minute sessions, in the open air, on a specially-designed track and with quality supervision. Visit Karting Évasion in Bully, near Lyon and Villefranche-sur-Saône!

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