Discover two-seater karting on our Bully circuit

Want to experience the thrill of being guided by an experienced pilot? Want to share a convivial moment with a child under 7, a friend or a spouse? To meet every need, Karting Evasion has added a two-seater kart to the karting rental offer at its Bully circuit, near Lyon. A SODIKART model (the world’s first reference) with the same engine as our standard adult kart (270cm3), but which allows two of you to take to the track!

A two-seater kart : the ideal solution for a baptism

When you want to discover karting, but are intimidated by the sight of those racing cars speeding around the track, it can be hard to get started. That’s why we’re offering you the chance to take a seat aboard our double kart and enjoy your baptism in the best possible conditions.

You ride in the passenger’s seat, while a Karting Evasion instructor takes care of the driving, for a reassuring first experience. The passenger side features a fixed steering wheel and a brake pedal that you can operate if you wish. So you can experience all the pleasure of speed without having to worry about driving! For the more cautious, it’s a good way to familiarize yourself with karting, before taking to the track on your own (and in complete safety) thanks to our expert advice.

Go-karting for two, at any age

Riding a double kart offers many advantages. If you’re coming as a couple or with friends, this two-person approach allows you to work together: one of you does most of the driving (steering wheel, gas pedal and brake pedals), while the other benefits from the experience and can help with braking in corners.

An ideal option when one of the partners is less confident behind the wheel, or simply to share even more laughs and thrills together! In fact, why not book two sessions, with everyone taking turns in the driver’s seat?

Another great strength of this model is that it allows parents to introduce karting to children aged 4 and over. In fact, our reduced-power children’s model is only available from age 7. If you’re bringing the whole family to go karting on our Bully track, your little one won’t be forgotten! Your child will be seated on the passenger side while you drive, so he or she can enjoy karting in complete safety!

What’s more, even if your child is old enough to ride a go-kart on his or her own, this formula is perfectly suited to a toddler or youngster who isn’t comfortable with the idea of driving alone. You’ll share a moment of complicity that will leave an indelible memory in his mind!

Karting for the disabled

Last but not least, our two-seater kart is suitable for the disabled.

In this case, the person can sit on the driver’s side if they can operate the pedals with their feet, or they can sit on the passenger’s side while a Karting Evasion employee or someone close to them pilots the vehicle.

In the first case, the co-pilot can apply the brake when cornering, while in the second, the co-pilot can turn the steering wheel on the driver’s easily accessible side.

Double karting: our rates

Two-seater karting is child’s play at Karting Evasion Bully! Here are our rates for a 10-minute session:

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