Karting for 5-year-olds: Get on board with your little one

Would you like to enjoy a family outing with children under 7? Why not come and test our two-seater karts on our karting track near Lyon?

Perfect for karting with 5-year-olds, this special vehicle lets you safely introduce your toddlers to the joys of speed. It can also be used by two adults.

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It's possible to go karting with a 5-year-old child

Go-karting is a sport that’s a lot of fun when done in good spirits. Taking your kids to the track for a change from bumper cars and Mario Kart is a great way to introduce them to the joys of racing and speed, while having fun at the same time.

However, one problem often encountered by families is that of the minimum age: under the age of 7, a child cannot ride a miniature kart alone. As a result, an adult often has to stay with him at the side of the track while the rest of the tribe burns the asphalt.

But there’s a way to introduce him to the joys of karting in complete safety: climb aboard our two-seater kart with him.

The 270-cubic-meter engine has two seats: one for the driver and one for the passenger. An adult can take the wheel, while the little one, comfortably seated, enjoys the experience with complete confidence. He can even pretend to turn the fixed steering wheel!

Go-karting at 5 is now possible! Your child can take full part in the party without feeling left out, and join you on a series of laps around our 400-metre-long, 9-turn open-air circuit.

For older children, too!

Of course, our two-seater karts are also suitable for children over 5, as well as adults.

Even though our children’s karts (with reduced dimensions and power) are accessible from the age of 7, they are often intimidated by the idea of taking to the track alone, and want to ride with their parents.

Our two-seater vehicle makes this possible, allowing children to familiarize themselves with karting before piloting a mini-bolide themselves.

Since the passenger side has a brake pedal, they can help you brake in turns when they’re big enough for their feet to reach it. This can be a good compromise with driving alone, and a solution that will help them calm their fears when needed. We can then envisage a duo session, and another on board a kart for children, or an adult kart for teenagers.

Last but not least, our two-seater karting is also fully suitable for adults, including people with reduced mobility. A couple or a group of friends will be able to ride together, for a race in which driving is a collaborative effort.

A Karting Evasion employee can also drive if required, for a karting experience, for example.

In this way, everyone can enjoy the experience, and enjoy the speed in complete safety, for even more laughs.

Our two-seater karting rates

Double karting is available on our outdoor track in Bully, 30 minutes from Lyon. Here are our rates for a 10-minute session:
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