Karting Lyon outdoor : open-air karting fun!

Want to go karting in Lyon? But would you like to know more about open-air karting first? The differences with indoor, our circuits… we explain everything!

An outdoor circuit near Lyon, made of tar and built for speed

Lyon’s outdoor karting tracks are traditionally longer than those indoors. The driving technique is therefore quite different: you’ll need a little more time to get to grips with all the subtleties of the circuit!

Because of their length, outdoor tracks feature lines that give priority to pure speed… and therefore lots of thrills for riders. You’re going between 70 and 75 km/h. What’s more, the track is wide, allowing a clear view and a variety of strategies to outwit competitors.

The tar coating prevents slipping and improves grip. Finally, the weather is an integral part of the experience: with a little more wind, you won’t be driving in the same way. An outdoor circuit therefore provides constantly renewed sensations for those taking part.

Open-air go-karting : let's not forget technology!

Beware, however: outdoor activities – which give pride of place to speed – must never overlook technique. At Karting Evasion, we have two tracks (one located between Lyon and Villefranche-sur-Saône, the other in Le Creusot near the Parc touristique des Combes) and we’ve made sure that these circuits are suitable for amateur drivers, but also offer possibilities for experienced ones.

For this reason, both our tracks include a number of technical sections: the Bully track, after the straight, includes a hairpin bend that requires you to brake at the right moment. Another popular passage for pilots is the parabolic curve, which can be approached in different ways. Our outdoor kart track in the Lyon region also features a chicane, and several simpler turns. It can run between 8 and 15 karts at the same time. So many reasons to multiply experiences on this track, to come and return to discover and progress.

Outdoor karting Lyon... and Le Creusot

As for the Le Creusot circuit, it will allow you to cruise at an average speed of 60 km/h. There’s also a hairpin bend to master, and a few tight turns. This track also provides a great deal of satisfaction for beginners and regular outdoor karters alike.

You can also read this article on the differences between indoor and outdoor karting.

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