How to go karting for the first time in Lyon? Our advice

It’s decided: you’re going to take the plunge and go karting in Lyon! But how do you go karting for the first time? What should you wear and what gestures should you make to ensure you don’t end up on the edge of the field as soon as the race begins? Karting Evasion, located in Bully, a 15-minute drive from Lyon and in Le Creusot, offers you all the advice you need. These karting tips will help you adopt the right reflexes right from the start, so you can try your hand at this discipline with confidence.

First karting tip: wear the right outfit!

At Karting Evasion, we don’t let you enter the track without a helmet or protective gear! Naturally, we’ll provide you with all the equipment you need to get off to a flying start. But helmets and gloves aren’t enough! To make you feel at ease and facilitate your ride, we strongly advise you to come in sneakers or suitable shoes (flat ones if possible), and to protect the rest of your body with a wetsuit or raincoat if you’re riding outdoors in wet weather. Good kart driving starts, after all, with a relaxed, comfortable position, especially in the legs. So forget the tight jeans and high heels, and come in casual clothes, but with enough coverage to protect you.

Tip 2: Don’t overbrake

When you take your first kart lap, it’s normal to feel a little intimidated, especially in the face of experienced drivers who negotiate corners like real ace drivers! However, the more you brake in a kart, the harder it is to regain full speed. The ideal is to brake gently, and only when necessary.

Tip 3: Shift your body weight when cornering

During your first karting experience, you’ll spend a lot of time trying to negotiate the corners. An important factor to consider is your body weight. All right, when you put it like that, it may sound strange! But, in reality, the way you orient your body will have a direct impact on the vehicle’s grip on the road. We advise you to bring your weight to the outside of a bend to negotiate it more effectively.

Tip 4: Control your driving through bends

Another tip for negotiating bends like a karting pro: slow down before entering a bend and accelerate to exit. This tried-and-tested technique will enable you to make several consecutive turns without any problems. Above all, be careful not to brake when accelerating: the kart will skid and you’ll end up on the edge of the track! This reflex is sometimes tempting when you’re just starting out and don’t have a driver’s license to speak of, but remember this golden rule and you’ll be fine!

Tip 5: Try to double-cross your opponents!

Yes, we know, it’s your first time in karting and you may be tempted to err on the side of caution! But don’t worry: there’s absolutely no risk! The sessions only last 10 minutes, so our main recommendation is to make the most of them and have a great time! And fun means trying to overtake your numerous opponents! There’s no need to target the fastest, just the one in front of you. To do this, stay as far behind your opponent as possible to benefit from the so-called “suction phenomenon”. Then try your luck in a bend, taking it from the outside, before moving inwards and exiting again from the outside to gain speed. Avoid sudden steering and braking movements, and you should be fine! It’s more fun than little cars, isn’t it?
Have these karting recommendations whetted your appetite? Don’t hesitate to visit us at our karting circuits near Lyon, in Bully and Le Creusot!
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