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A karting enthusiast? Are you visiting Lyon and want to take to the track for a few laps? Or do you simply want to try out go-karting on a budget? Visit Karting Evasion, where great promotions await you all year round. From February to June 2019, discover our Lyon karting promotion specially designed for you, the fans!

A promotion on karts giving access to an additional lap!

When there’s a promotion at Karting Evasion, you get access to the same circuit without any changes to the courses. Likewise, the machines used remain the same: high-performance 120 to 270 cc SODIKART karts that can be driven by anyone, from age 7 upwards. The promotion is generally based on the duration of the race or the number of sessions to be completed. For the February to June 2019 promotion: every third session purchased entitles you to a free fourth session!

The Lyon – Bully karting circuit is a 400 m asphalt track in the open air. Made up of straights and bends, it is ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike. The outdoor experience is exceptional, but it’s the atmosphere on the track that makes it an unforgettable adventure.

Reductions of more than 10

At Karting Evasion, special offers usually include discounts on session prices. These are divided into 3 categories: children’s session, teen session and adult session. A session for one person is equivalent to a 10-minute adventure on the track.

If you want to enjoy a lap with a group or family, each member of the group must buy a karting ticket. A wave can be made up of 8 or even 15 karts. There’s no doubt that karting in a peloton is more sensational than solo karting. The adrenalin rush is guaranteed when the competition gets underway.

Current karting discounts apply to adult sessions. You pay only 40 euros instead of 50 euros for two adult sessions. Instead of 75 euros, the rate is 50 euros for 3 adult sessions. For 5 sessions, you only pay 75 euros. Of course, the tickets purchased are only valid for the purchaser. They can be used at any time, with no expiration date.

The best thing about Karting Evasion is that the adult session is accessible from the age of 13. We do our best to satisfy karting enthusiasts in Lyon. What’s more, we use GoKarts software to ensure that your 10 minutes on the track are used up to the last minute!

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